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FullThrottle Aviation Scholarship Winners Announced

2017 is the first year of the scholarship program, and the winners have been selected. We would like to congratulate 3 outstanding individuals on this award and hope that the scholarship provides them a unique opportunity to expand their skillset and knowledge as a pilot on their way to a career in aviation.

Skills Enhancement Scholarship Winners (2)

Lisa Katzke Pic

Lisa Katze

Lisa began her aviation journey in late 2015 after a chance encounter with an airline pilot on the train during her evening commute. Her discovery flight reignited the fascination with aviation she’d had as a child, and she knew from the moment they leveled off that a career change was in her future. She achieved her private pilot certificate, instrument rating, and tailwheel endorsement in 2016 while balancing a full-time career.  She started her professional aviation career as a CFI this fall, transitioning from a 12-year career in retail inventory management. She is genuinely excited about everything she has to learn from teaching as well as the opportunities it will provide her to make a difference for her students. From that very first pilot to all of those who have since taken the time to offer their advice, experience, and sofas, Lisa has been consistently amazed and humbled by the spirit of mentorship and giving back that is pervasive in the aviation community. It is this spirit that she hopes to embody as she continues her growth as an aviator. With this scholarship opportunity provided by the generosity of FullThrottle Aviation, LLC, she will be starting her commercial multiengine rating, an important next step towards her ultimate goal of the airlines.


Elizabeth Keller

Elizabeth was born and raised in East Tennessee. She grew up and worked on her family farm and knew by the time she was twelve that she wanted to fly. Her college search included several reputable schools, but she made her decision when she was selected for Middle Tennessee State University’s highest academic award, The Buchanan Fellowship. She spent the summer after graduation earning her private pilot certificate, and by 20 years old, she had also earned her instrument, commercial, and CFI. She is currently a CFI at the University Flight school, and plans to use the scholarship to pursue her multi-engine rating.

Airline Training and Orientation Program (ATOP) Scholarship (1)

Nathan Dailing

Nathan Dailing

Nathan is an aspiring pilot from Wisconsin.  His father was an aircraft mechanic and introduced him to aviation at a young age. He prides himself on the fact that he has been to every EAA Airventure in Oshkosh since he was three years old.  When Nathan was 17 years old, he obtained his private pilot certificate and has continued to gain ratings, obtaining his flight instructor certificate as well. Nathan is currently building hours to pursue a career in the airlines. He will use the ATOP scholarship to further my education and diversify his to be an exceptional pilot candidate for the airlines.

New Scholarships and Internship Program Announced!

At FullThrottle Aviation, we believe that the entire aviation industry can benefit from investing in our next generation of pilots. That time period from 250 hours as a new commercial pilot to the next flying job can be difficult, and unfortunately there are people out there who are wanting pilots to pay for flight time. We believe that new low time commercial pilots can benefit from flying an array of different airplanes on long cross countries, and we are offering an internship program for this reason – free of charge!

See information below on both programs.

INTERNSHIP INFORMATION: We are already accepting applications for the internship program. We are limiting the internships to the number of current ferry pilots we have. Send an email with your resume, hours, and how you would benefit from the program to:

SCHOLARSHIP INFORMATION: We have also decided to give away 3 scholarships to help the next generation of pilots succeed.

In 2017 we are offering two (2) flight training scholarships at $1000 each, and one (1) ATOP course scholarship (valued at $495). The window for applications begins on April 1, 2017 and ends on August 15, 2017. Winners will be announced prior to September 30.

An overview of the programs is below and can also be found on the website under “Community Outreach”.


In 2017 we are offering two (2) flight training scholarships at $1000 each, and one (1) ATOP course scholarship (valued at $495). The window for applications begins on April 1, 2017 and ends on August 15, 2017.  Winners will be announced prior to September 30.

Scholarship Application Documents:

  • 500 word essay
  • Resume

On April 1, there will be an online form on this page that will allow you to copy and paste your resume and your 500 word essay.

This is the preferred method for submitting your application. If unable to use this feature, please email both the resume and essay to:

After submission, essays and resumes will have the names redacted and current FullThrottle Aviation pilots will vote for the winners.

FullThrottle Aviation Skills Enhancement Flight Training Scholarship

The FullThrottle Aviation Skills Enhancement Flight Training Scholarship is for a commercial pilot who is looking to expand their skill set.

The scholarship can be used for any of the following. Funds will be paid directly to the individual or school offering the training:

  • New rating (such as multi engine or seaplane)
  • Advanced endorsement (tailwheel or high performance)
  • Checkout in a new type of aircraft (such as a Pitts or Stearman, but not limited to these)

Applicant Requirements:

  • Current commercial pilot with an instrument rating
  • Current 2nd or 1st class medical
  • Under 1500 hours Total Time


Airline Training Orientation Program (ATOP) Scholarship

ATOP has generously donated a course to be given away through the scholarship program.

The Airline Training Orientation Program (ATOP) was developed for pilots to get a an orientation to flying for the airlines. The 2 day course consists of a comprehensive tour of the pilot training center, 10 Hours of “Basic Indoc” Ground School, 2 Hours in the “Cockpit Management Trainer”, and 4 hours in the full motion (Level D) flight simulator. Scholarship recipients can pick between the Airbus in Orlando or the Boeing 737 in Dallas:

American Airlines Flight Academy • Dallas, TX • B-737 Training
JetBlue University • Orlando, FL • A-320 Training

The course value is $495. The scholarship recipient is responsible for all travel, lodging and meal expenses with taking the course. This scholarship only covers tuition. The optional “High Altitude” endorsement is also available for purchase. Get more information at:

Applicant Requirements:

  • Current commercial pilot with an instrument rating
  • Current 2nd or 1st class medical
  • Under 1500 hours Total Time


FullThrottle Aviation Internship & Mentoring Program

We are now offering an internship program to introduce new pilots to ferry flying and a wide variety of interesting aircraft. After acceptance, the intern will be paired with a current FullThrottle Aviation ferry pilot who will be able to answer questions and provide career advice to the intern. If a ferry becomes available with an open seat, the interns will be notified of the dates, aircraft type, origin/destination, and ferry pilot name. If the intern is available, then they will coordinate coming along with the ferry pilot doing the trip. In many cases, the intern can expect to do some of the flying, as well as receive instruction if the ferry pilot is a CFI. This could mean getting an endorsement and time in a wide variety of different planes. This is not a paid internship. The intern will have all expenses covered (except travel) during the trip.

Applicant Requirements:

  • Current commercial pilot with an instrument rating
  • Current 2nd or 1st class medical
  • Under 500 hours Total Time

Program details:

  • Interns will be allowed to join a current FullThrottle Aviation ferry pilot on up to 100 hours of ferry flying.
  • The intern pilot will be responsible for their own transportation to the commercial airport at the origin and destination of the trip.
  • The intern pilot will have all their expenses paid for while traveling (accommodation, meals).
  • Intern pilots will be expected to share the accommodations as long as both the intern and FullThrottle ferry pilot agree.

How to apply:

  • Send an email describing why you want to be a part of the program and how it will benefit you in your career.
  • Attach a current resume.
  • You may be contacted for an interview.

Any questions about the program or applications should be sent to