Why aviation insurance rates are going up and what YOU can do to get better rates

Why aviation insurance rates are going up and what YOU can do to get better rates

I recently did some research for an upcoming aviation safety presentation on the top 10 causes of aviation insurance claims. I had the opportunity to sit down with a major carrier’s claims and underwriting departments to get some answers.

Insurance carriers insure risks across the spectrum – anything from single engine planes used for pleasure all the way up to airline and space. When a loss occurs in space, for example, it affects everyone’s rates. We went from a soft to a hard market, and the market correction has been challenging for everyone.
Over the past few years we have been continuing to see a rise of general aviation accidents. When I asked the insurance company what they think is the leading cause of claims, they said recent experience, proficiency and time in make and model.

This brings us to our challenge: you need experience to get experience. For the most part, insurance companies are not allowing people without make and model experience to be insured without training. This doesn’t mean you fly without insurance – and I highly recommend you don’t fly without insurance! – you just need to get proficient and get training prior to solo flight.
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Sarah is an aviation insurance agent for Clemens Insurance Agency and is also a FAA Safety Team Lead Representative, NAFI Master Instructor, Gold Seal flight instructor, and 757/767 pilot for a Major U.S. airline. Sarah holds an ATP, CFI, CFII, MEI and has flown over 6500 hours. She holds a pilot license in 4 different countries (USA, Canada, Belize and Iceland – EASA) and has flown over 147 different types of airplanes in 20 different countries including oceanic crossings in small aircraft. She is the owner and chief pilot of FullThrottle Aviation; which started out in 2013 as a small flight school and grew to an international business with over 20 pilots moving airplanes around the world today. She continues to stay involved in general aviation through her leadership roles and volunteering for different aviation organizations. Although much of her flying is now professional in nature, she enjoys flying and instructing in her Super Cub, Patches, and her Cessna 170, Stanley, on her days off. As a regular fly-in attendee of Oshkosh, she enjoys the company and camaraderie that general aviation brings.

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